The Store

I thought that my first post should be dedicated to my all time favourite store – The Store. To my amazement, some people still have no idea what this is. I’m always asked where I purchased my stunning outfits. When I reply “The Store” they just stare at me, as if I haven’t given them the answer yet. So if you have been lost at sea this whole time, here is everything you need to know.

The Store stocks various swimwear, clothing, shoe and accessory brands targeted at urban consumers looking for a difference. Many of these are brands such as RVCA, Seafolly, Vans, Adidas which everyone knows by now (I hope). The Store also stocks many exclusive brands such as Amuse Society and D’Blanc Sunglasses. As a result, The Store not only promises quality, but a certain level of exclusivity.

The Store is always up to date with current trends in my personal experience.When there is a festival around the corner its the first and only place I run to, and I always leave completely satisfied. The prices compare to those of Zara, so you can expect to pay between R550-R900 for a stunning summer dress. To some of you the price may seem steep, but the quality of the clothing is absolutely amazing. I still wear RVCA knits that I purchased in 2011.

If you love attending festivals, surfing, hiking, skating, clubbing, or just lounging on the couch I would advise you visit The Store. There is something for everyone who seeks to be different. Guaranteed you will not leave empty-handed.

Below are some photos to tickle your fashion taste buds.The shoot took place on Llandudno beach and was shot by Anthea Adams. Get in touch with The Store on Facebook and Instagram.

Sea you soon xoxo

Andrea Le Riche

Amuse Society Jumpsuit

Andrea Le Riche

Amuse Society Dress

Andrea Le Riche

RVCA Bralette

Andrea Le Riche

Brixton Hat RVCA Dress

Andrea Le Riche

RVCA Dress



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